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SWA Masterclass HALion 6

By Walter Hunnicutt


HALion 6 Masterclass tutorial provides you with nearly 3 hours of training that covers HALion 6 from start to finish. HALion is Steinberg’s flagship sampling workstation, but its capabilities go far beyond the typical sampler.

9 videos | 2 hours, 53 minutes
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The most comprehensive HALion tutorial

HALion 6 comes with an entire rack full of VST instruments covering all of the major types of synthesis as well as several more exotic methods. This includes the new Anima and Skylab synths which are granular and wave-table machines.

But all of this power and flexibility invariably brings complexity. In our Masterclass HALion tutorial  simplifies the material into logical chunks, covering the fundamentals and breaking through the “vocabulary barrier” and showing you step by step how the system works.

From the fundamentals of synthesis, through sampling and all the way to creating your own instrument and control panel to packaging and distributing your sound to the wider world.

Chapter 1. “Introduction and Structure” provides a brief history of the instrument and breaks down its default screen into easy to follow functional areas. We cover terms and conventions unique to HALion (even within the world of Steinberg) and explain the fundamental signal flow and workflow.

Chapter 2. “The User Interface” looks at the basic blocking-and-tackling of navigating the user interface (which can be as challenging as the HAL-9000 for which this VST is named!)

Chapter 3. “Working With Presets” uses the factory content to introduce the basic structure of a program tree and all its associated components. We look at how to locate, activate and use all of the sound-sculpting tools in the 26 editors and how to navigate between layers and nested-layers in the program tree to locate exactly what component you want to change, add or delete.

Chapters 4 and 5 “Build” start with an initialized, completely empty instance of HALion and walk you through the basic moves required to create your own sound from scratch using each of the zone types except sampling.

Chapter 6 ~ 8 “Sampling” gets its own chapter. We look at the routing configuration and channel set up required to create an audio feed directly to HALion. We also explore how use HALion to sample other VST instruments using the side-chain feature. We explore both the manual and automatic sampling and mapping options and even create a virtual acoustic guitar by sampling one in real time using the automatic features. Then apply flex-phrasing and mapping to give it an organic feel.

Chapter 7 “Working With Macros” covers how to create a custom control panel for your sounds using your own artwork and your own custom mapping to allow you to transform your unique sounds into VST Instruments. We conclude by walking through the Library Manager utility to package your new instrument into a VST Sound file for collaboration, distribution or even sale!

7 reviews for SWA Masterclass HALion 6

  1. napier3 (verified owner)

    Walter Hunnicutt is a fantastic instructor. His Cubase courses are the best out there inasmuch as they are succinct, focus on useful, real world application, and are immensely helpful. This Halion course is the same. I’ve looked at a number of them from different providers and they either deep dive into the interesting but less useful esoteric side of things, or skim over essential info. Walter strikes a really nice balance between what you need to know to get things done, and what’s nice to know so you can go exploring. I only wish it were a bit longer…maybe there will be a “Halion Advanced” course at some point… 🙂

  2. angelogiambra (verified owner)

    I’ve watched many so-called tutorials on YouTube. Usually within five minutes or so, they drift off topic, or else you spend ten minutes watching them search for something because they never prepared the lesson in advance. So I was very pleased with Walter Hunnicutt. He is organized and works through each lesson in a thoughtful and interesting manner. Also, his videos are edited such that parts which might have caused the viewer to wait while Walter got something ready are edited out. I agree with the other review I read…I wish it were a bit longer. I realize that Halion 6 is so powerful that it is difficult to decide what to include in these lessons and what to leave out. Walter did a fine job of teaching us to navigate the product but I’d sure be interested in a “Halion Advanced” course. How about it Walter?

  3. Jewel (verified owner)

    Very well taught. Walt is an accomplished teacher, not just someone who has hacked through the neat stuff… His layout is logical, and he keeps to the agenda. First time through, I followed along and did a practice session as I watched the vid. Second time through, I simply watched the vid and took notes on the little details I knew I’d forget. On that second watch, I realized what an excellent, experienced teacher Walt is: He presents his topics in the beginning, he goes through without floundering or getting off topic, and always gives the concept rather than just building his own particular instrument. A couple suggestions (which don’t take away from my 5 star rating): Walt, be sure to maximize the HALion screen when your working from Cubase. I’m watching this on a laptop screen to I can simultaneously work on my big music computer , so the HALion examples you show without maximizing end up being a total of 5″ x 7″. The times when you maximized the window, it was perfect. Next, I felt the depth on the granular and wavetable windows was a bit too brief, and that is where I’m doing the majority of my work. Aaargh. Finally, I never could get my system to not crash while doing the Create Library, and had to meticulously go back through the manual to find my errors (which was what I could have avoided if you’d taken just a moment to refilm that very last 15 minutes of the series). But those are minor points compared to the overall excellence of your teaching.

    PS! That notion of adding a “HALion Advanced” set of videos is well worth considering. !! Or focusing on one particular area within HALion, such as the filters…. Thanks much. Jewel

    Thanks so much, and watching this made me realize my next step: Watch the Cubase 10 vids and cleaning up my techniques there. Thanks much. Jewel

  4. Bob (verified owner)

    I have said it once and I will say it again “Walt and Streamworks is the best place for insightful and in depth explanations on any products listed in their site!”. I haven’t gone through the entire class but from what I have been through is really really great. Walt has the ability to go into great depths to explain halion 6 but leaves just enough wiggle run to allow you to learn a little more on your own. Like other so-called instruction videos Walt isn’t under any time restraints nor do you have to listen to a half-baked song somebody wrote he (Walt) gets right to the meat and may use a song for some illustrations but not a type that is totally off the point he is explaining. I can never say enough good things about this site or Walt you’ll just have to purchase a course and learn for yourself. They are the greatest if you really desire deep and insightful knowledge. KEEP IT COMING GUYS!

  5. Neil Scott (verified owner)

    Totally excellent, made the software accessible as a utilisable tool, ready for use.

  6. Hartley Banton (verified owner)

    I wish I had found these classes taught by Walt ….he is a great teacher. Very well done series with tips and tricks galore. Would not be so far along with Halion 6 without this class…keep up the great work Ill be watching

  7. Peter Hamlin (verified owner)

    This is an excellent course. The pacing is just right. I was happy that everything is very well explained from the ground up — so you don’t ever feel left behind — but there’s good depth also. Walt, I like your that your expertise is presented in a laid-back and personable style.

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Walter Hunnicutt

Walter has played piano since childhood, studying jazz and composition in college. He began recording professionally in 1986 and has worked on numerous albums and CDs over the years as well as creating and producing music for film and television. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin. He and his wife Donna Hanson are partners in Combined Minds Media, LLC located in the central United States and specialize in the production of training courses for the music and aerospace industries.
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