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Streamworks Audio focuses on producing and publishing affordable and easily accessible video tutorials that are dedicated to audio and midi related software.


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Streamworks Audio has set the standard in the new way of learning your audio applications

Streamworks Audio was formed in 2000 in Vancouver, Canada. Streamworks Audio started as a computer music consultation firm – providing on-site hands-on training as well as doing in-store demonstrations for various music software distributors. In 2004, we expanded our business into the education realm with video tutorials that are dedicated completely to music and audio production tools, as well as various tips and techniques to get the most out of the incredible technology now available to the music production world.

In addition to producing videos for our own catalog, we have also partnered with some of the largest software vendors to create custom video tutorials and marketing videos. We have worked with names such as Steinberg Media Technologies, Cakewalk Inc, Image Line, IK Multimedia, PreSonus, and more.

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