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Kickstart Your Cubase Experience
Over 3 hours of extensive and comprehensive tutorial content that will help you kickstart your experience in the
Cubase environment.
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Master the Cubase Control Room
The Control Room is a feature unique to Cubase Pro and allows you to configure Cubase for a traditional, multi-room
facility. With up to four separate studios (plus the Control Room), this functionality allows you to record an
entire ensemble at once, with acoustic isolation, separate headphone mixes and a complete set of control room
monitoring features such as listen, dim and talk-back.
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SWA Complete Cubase Pro 10
SWA Complete Cubase Pro 10 offers you everything you need to take Cubase Pro 10 to the next level. Coverage of the
new features provides an in-depth exploration of the major enhancements introduced in Cubase Pro version 10.
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SWA Masterclass HALion 6
HALion 6 Masterclass tutorial provides you with nearly 3 hours of training that covers HALion 6 from start to
finish. HALion is Steinberg’s flagship sampling workstation, but its capabilities go far beyond the typical sampler.
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