SWA Masterclass HALion 6

SWA Complete Cubase Pro 10 covers the new features and provides an in-depth exploration of the major enhancements introduced in version 10 as well as keeping with the basic mission of this series, helping you take Cubase to the next level by exploring functions and features in new ways and in greater detail.


SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro

Cubase Pro Masterclass series of advanced Cubase video tutorial series covers a specific topic or task in-depth, so you can fully master that skill.


SWA Complete Wavelab Pro 9.5

Wavelab Pro 9.5 video tutorials - more than 5 hours of an in-depth look at the real-world capabilities and techniques for waveform editing, spectrum editing, audio analysis, advanced signal processing, montage creation, mastering and how to use all of the metering tools in Wavelab Pro 9.5.


SWA Masterclass FL Studio Plugins

Streamworks Audio is proud to introduce the FL Studio Masterclass covering an introductory group of Fl Studio and Image-Line plugins.


What our customers are saying!
Very awesome software but not many resources out there surprisingly. The content flowed logically, the examples made sense, and definitely found myself rewatching a few sections since the software seemed new to me after seeing more and more functionality throughout the videos.

The tutorials are a great investment and feel like I’m getting much more out of the software!

Niko Bradway

Top notch professional courses. Good pacing and topic selection. Walter’s knowledge and wit generates confidence.

I went through the course taking notes, now I have solid references to consult when needed.

Gilles P. Brillon

These Courses are unbelievable, meaning that the value and information is priceless. I would not have been able to move ahead like I did, with out them. Anyone thinking of learning these subjects should highly consider this material. Reading manuals for ten years would not suffice. I Enjoyed them tremendously!

Richard Giroux

First rate course and worth every penny! Walter provides real world useable info in an engaging, fun, and effective way. Strongly recommended.

George Napier

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