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SWA Masterclass FL Studio Plugins
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SWA Masterclass FL Studio Plugins
By Caden Painter


Streamworks Audio is proud to introduce the FL Studio Masterclass covering an introductory group of Fl Studio and Image-Line plugins.

Comprehensive FL Studio Plugin Video Tutorials
This 8 part FL Studio Video Tutorial series will walk you through a collection of plugins and how they can be used in FL Studio to do everything from create new unique sounds as well as recreate some sounds found in other popular products and chart topping music.
SWA Masterclass FL Studio Plugins – Episode One
Episode 1 is an introduction to synthesis where we will cover basic subtractive synthesis with 3xOsc. To better understand the changes we are making during sound creation we will employ Wave Candy, an oscilloscope plugin, so we can see what our sounds look like and how they relate to the oscillator shapes we have chosen.
SWA Masterclass FL Studio Plugins – Episode Two
In episode 2 we will be working with DirectWave, a powerful sampler engine enabling users to create deeply sampled sound libraries. In addition we will also begin working with Edison, a great support plugin for DirectWave, which allows users to record and sample any events within FL Studio.
SWA Masterclass FL Studio Plugins – Episode Three
In this episode we will begin by altering a re-sampled sound from the previous episode using Fruity Granulizer. After exploring sounds with the Granulizer we will add Fruity Parametric EQ2 to the FX chain for further sound sculpting and filtering.
SWA Masterclass FL Studio Plugins – Episode Four
Slicex is the tool of choice for producers looking to process and rearrange looped content. Here we will go over some basic looping tricks as well as how a user can create new beats from custom loops. This episode will begin by creating a loop using Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator PO-12. A wave of this loop will be included with the tutorial as a download or you can create a custom beat using your own gear or even a smart phone app.

SWA Masterclass FL Studio Plugins – Episode Five
When working with drum samples, FPC is where you want to begin. We’re going to be using FPC with some custom junk yard percussion samples to make a jungle style beat. In addition we will begin to add some space and depth to our sound with Fruity Convolver. Junk yard percussion samples are an additional download included with this video.
SWA Masterclass FL Studio Plugins – Episode Six
Now that we have covered some basic synthesis, beat making and working with loops we can begin processing and glitching our sounds with Gross Beat. While we are at it we will also look at how we can use Gross Beat to recreate the “pulse engine” sound found in several popular software synths.
SWA Masterclass FL Studio Plugins – Episode Seven
In this episode, we will cover the use of several controller plugins in Fl Studio and how they can be used as part of a virtual modular synth setup within the Patcher plugin. In addition, this episode includes the two, free VST instruments that were used as part of the demonstration.
SWA Masterclass FL Studio Plugins – Episode Eight
GMS is a great hybrid subtractive/fm synth module that works much in the same was a 3x Osc in that it contains three oscillators. GMS, however, offers many more waveforms, envelope filter, LFO and X-Y graph controlled FX bank. We will cover its controls and how to get started creating sounds using this fun and intuitive synth engine.