SWA Masterclass Sibelius Ultimate
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In this comprehensive video tutorial, John Hinchey walks you through Avid's Sibelius Ultimate, covering everything from basic notation to advanced scoring techniques. Perfect for composers, arrangers, and music educators, this Masterclass will help you take your compositions to the next level.
Course Overview

Welcome to the SWA Masterclass Sibelius Ultimate video tutorial, designed to help you master Avid’s powerful music notation software. In this tutorial, we’ll cover a range of topics, including input and editing of the core musical elements, score and part layout, creating parts for various instruments, using house styles and manuscript papers, using built-in features and plug-ins, and exporting your finished charts.

We’ll start by showing you how to input and edit the core musical elements in Sibelius, including notes, articulations, dynamics, text, lyrics, chord symbols, and more. We’ll demonstrate how to use keyboard shortcuts and other time-saving techniques to speed up your workflow and ensure accuracy.

Next, we’ll cover score and part layout, which is essential for creating charts that are easy for your musicians and singers to read and understand. We’ll show you how to use Sibelius’s powerful layout tools to create clear, legible charts that are easy to follow.

Moving on, we’ll demonstrate how to create parts for a variety of instruments, including rhythm, piano/keyboards, guitar, bass, drum set, vocals, and horns. We’ll show you how to use chord symbols, chord diagrams, and other notation techniques to create parts that are accurate and easy to read.

We’ll also cover how to use house styles and manuscript papers to speed up your workflow and ensure consistency across all your charts. We’ll show you how to create and save your own custom styles, as well as how to use the built-in styles that come with Sibelius.

In addition, we’ll demonstrate how to use built-in features and free plug-ins to speed up note entry and layout, including how to create and use shortcuts, how to import and export MIDI files, and how to use the advanced formatting options to tweak your charts to perfection.

We’ll also show you how to export audio tracks of your arrangement for reference and rehearsal, as well as how to export your finished charts on paper or as PDFs.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to use Sibelius to create professional-quality music charts and scores. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, this tutorial is the perfect starting point for mastering Avid’s powerful music notation software.

  • Cindy Ng
    2 years ago

    SWA Masterclass Sibelius Ultimate Review

    I have purchased the Sibelius Ultimate video tutorial from Streamworks audio.com website recently and would like to thank
    Mr John Hinchey for creating this clear and informative illustration on the software.
    Thanks to the support group person in charge Christopher Hawkins for being helpful and prompt in his response to my queries on the product.
    Looking forward to some more of these educational tutorials in future.