SWA Complete Wavelab Pro 9.5
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Wavelab is arguably one of the most powerful and sophisticated audio editing platforms in the world. Wavelab is for all intents and purposes more like five advanced programs flying in tight formation. While it’s best known for audio editing, montage, and mastering; it also includes some of the finest audio analysis and restoration tools, a full podcasting production suite and some of the most capable scripting and batch processing tools available. All in one software package. And version nine captures all of this with a new look and feel that’s the most streamlined and straightforward yet.
SWA Complete Wavelab Pro 9.5
Course Overview

We will take you from initial set up and connection, through a complete tour of Wavelab’s capabilities and control. We’ll demonstrate the subtle but important ways that Wavelab’s user interface differs from most DAW and music production software, and how to make sense of the new tab groups, file groups, naming conventions and file handling. Even if you’ve never touched Wavelab before, but the end of this section you’ll be up and running.

Would you believe that you can surgically remove the accidental coughing of an audience member from an acoustic recording? Or add reverb to just the snare drum in a fully mixed master track? Or remove a police siren from an otherwise perfect interview? You can, with Wavelab 9.5.

We will also take an in-depth look at the real-world capabilities and techniques for waveform editing, spectrum editing, audio analysis, advanced signal processing, montage creation, mastering and how to use all of the metering tools in Wavelab.

Finally, we’ll conduct a step by step demonstration of how to restore and remaster an old recording, create a basic audio CD of those restored files, create a fully professional Red-Book compliant CD master, create a professional podcast and how to use the new Wavelab Exchange to connect Wavelab and Cubase into a seamless and powerful one-two punch for music editing and mastering.

In this video we will also look at and walk through the new features added in the 9.5 update. We look at how to utilize the new Wavelet view for more musical spectral editing. We cover the difference between logarithmic and linear display modes and how to use the new Audio In-Painting tools after removing troubled audio.

We also look at the new Restore Rig in detail with demonstrations of how to use it and the new Error Correction ribbon in combination with one and other.

We take a brief look at the updated plugins like Vintage Compressor and the new Maximizer. We also demo how to use the new censor-generator, how to apply audio water-marks and how to generate both text-base and image-based spectral watermarks.

We conclude with a walk thorough of the new companion software “DDP Player” which is included with Wavelab 9.5

  • nbbradway
    5 years ago

    SWA Complete Wavelab Pro 9.5 Review

    Very awesome software but not many resources out there surprisingly. The content flowed logically, the examples made sense, and definitely found myself rewatching a few sections since the software seemed new to me after seeing more and more functionality throughout the videos.

    The tutorials are a great investment and feel like I'm getting much more out of the software!

  • brian.klein
    5 years ago

    SWA Complete Wavelab Pro 9.5 Review

    Really thorough run-through of the software. As with any video training, I wish everything was indexed so I could figure out which video/timecode to go back to when needed. But this training series really helped me get my head around how WaveLab works.

  • louft555
    5 years ago

    SWA Complete Wavelab Pro 9.5 Review

    I had nowhere to turn, no one to ask, I was riding the waves alone with my Wavelab 9.5. Until I came upon this course. Its Amazing, Awesome, in-depth and very very informative. The beast that I purchased, Wavelab 9.5 has now been tamed!!! Please look into getting this product. I am enjoying Wavelab 9.5 so much now. The lessons are great. I can now move around wave lab with out getting frustrated. Thanks so much for making these videos. I am definitely going to be purchasing more in the future. I now love my Wavelab 9.5, not fear it. :)