iZotope RX 10 New Features
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Prepare to unlock the full potential of iZotope's RX with "RX10 New Features" guided by the expert, Walter Hunnicutt. In this comprehensive video tutorial series, we delve into the four major upgrades of RX 10, including the revolutionary use of Neural Networks and Machine Learning. From speech-to-text capabilities to spectral recovery and precision editing, you'll gain invaluable insights to enhance your audio restoration and editing skills. Join us as we explore the cutting-edge tools and techniques that will take your audio editing game to the next level.
Course Overview

Welcome to “RX10 New Features” with Walter Hunnicutt, your gateway to the latest enhancements in iZotope’s flagship editor, RX. In this extensive tutorial series, we’ll dive deep into the four major upgrades of RX 10, unveiling the innovative use of Neural Networks and Machine Learning that drives this groundbreaking update.

In Chapter One, we’ll start with an overview of the program and then delve into the core feature of version ten, exploring how Neural Networks and Machine Learning are harnessed to elevate your audio editing experience. We’ll also discuss the valuable free downloads included with this tutorial.

Moving on to Chapter Two, we’ll explore the new speech-to-text capability. You’ll learn how to activate the controls, utilize the rescanning function for refining results, and master the art of searching for specific words and phrases by speaker. We’ll also guide you through the process of exporting the resulting transcription while addressing common stumbling blocks in this initial technology release.

Chapter Three takes us into the realm of the new spectral recovery tool. Using AI, it can re-synthesize missing or bandwidth-limited audio material, with a focus on voice applications. We’ll revisit this tool in Chapter Four to demonstrate how it can breathe new life into challenging musical restoration projects.

In Chapter Four, we’ll explore the spectral repair tool, which employs spectral editing and machine learning to pinpoint and fix embedded problems with surgical precision. You’ll gain insights into seamlessly removing intrusive sounds, recreating missing content, and revitalizing old audio material.

Lastly, Chapter Five offers a glimpse of the new adaptive feature in the De-Hum module and introduces the all-new repair assistant, consolidating the interface for streamlined use of RX’s six most potent restoration tools. We’ll explore its functionality both as a standalone tool and as a plugin within a DAW environment.

Join us on this exciting journey through RX10’s new features, and elevate your audio editing skills to new heights with Walter Hunnicutt.

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