Mixing with Sonnox's Oxford EQ

14 views 3 months ago
Join music producer Eddie Grey in this tutorial from Streamworks Audio as he unlocks the potential of Sonnox's Oxford EQ plugin. Eddie introduces the Oxford EQ as a must-have tool for producers, showcasing its versatility and unique ability to enhance audio with warmth and clarity. Through practical demonstrations, Eddie guides viewers through the plugin's interface, offering insights into his workflow and techniques for shaping audio tracks. From subtle adjustments to bold transformations, he explores the plugin's features, including different EQ types, band options, and trim knobs. Listeners witness before-and-after comparisons, witnessing the transformative effects of the Oxford EQ on bass guitar tracks. Eddie's expert guidance ensures viewers grasp how to harness the plugin's power for their mixes. More about Sonnox Oxford EQ at https://www.sonnox.com/plugin/oxford-eq

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