Mastering Dynamic Processing: Oxford TransMod Tutorial

29 views 4 months ago
Oxford TransMod by Sonnox is a dynamic processing plugin for audio signals. Shape transients and sustains separately for punchier mixes. Control attack, release, and more with precision, enhancing drums, percussion, and overall dynamic balance in your music productions. Join Eddie Grey from Streamworks Audio in this in-depth tutorial as he explores the powerful capabilities of the Oxford TransMod plugin. Designed to manipulate the dynamic profile of audio signals, TransMod offers a wide range of possibilities for enhancing and shaping sounds in your mixes. In this tutorial, Eddie demonstrates how TransMod can be used to add punch and presence to a snare drum track in a mix. By adjusting parameters such as transient attack, overshoot, and purpose, Eddie showcases how to tailor the plugin's settings to achieve the desired effect, whether it's making the sound more prominent or subtly blending it into the mix. Through detailed explanations and real-time demonstrations, Eddie guides viewers through the intricacies of using TransMod effectively, highlighting its versatility and potential for transforming audio elements in a mix. From enhancing the attack of drums to adding warmth and weight to sounds, TransMod proves to be an indispensable tool for music producers and audio engineers alike. Join Eddie Grey as he dives deep into the world of dynamic processing with the Oxford TransMod plugin, and discover new ways to elevate your mixes to the next level. Don't miss out on this insightful tutorial packed with tips, tricks, and practical techniques for mastering the art of dynamic manipulation.


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