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SWA Kickstarter Cubase 10
By Walter Hunnicutt


Over 3 hours of extensive and comprehensive Cubase 10 tutorial content that will help you kickstart your experience inside Steinberg’s Cubase environment.

13 videos | 3 hours, 4 minutes
Whether you’re new to recording or just new to Cubase, this Kickstarter video tutorial will help you open the door.
Cubase Kickstarter rounds out the Streamworks Audio family of tutorials by providing a straightforward step by step guide to the Cubase environment.
We’ve adopted a new course layout with Kickstarter employing a “show-and-tell” approach where core functions are demonstrated in one chapter and explained in the next. This allows you to simply watch the “show” chapters to get going quickly, then dip into the “tell” chapters to learn more when you’re ready.
And Kickstarter comes complete with fully function demonstration projects, each loaded with additional notes and guidance.
Download SWA Kickstarter Cubase today and kickstart your next project!