SWA Complete Cubase Pro 10

By Walter Hunnicutt


SWA Complete Cubase Pro 10 offers you everything you need to take Cubase Pro 10 to the next level.


Coverage of the new features provides an in-depth exploration of the major enhancements introduced in version 10.

We explore, explain and demonstrate:

  • The new MEDIA tab, it new look-and-feel, new functionality and enhanced drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • The new “Add Track” system, the workflow enhancements it provides and some tricks to integrate the new system with your current workflow.
  • The upgrades to the Channel Settings Editor, including more sophisticated strip organization tools, upgraded visual interface tools and all new detail-view options.
  • The all new “snap-shots” functionality added to the MixConsole. We’ll look at basic operations, detailed snap-shot management options, and work-arounds for some automation issues that can arise with inserts.
  • The all new Audio Alignment functionality ported over from Nuendo. This new feature not only allows the Cubase user to enjoy professional-grade ADR tools for game-audio or video production, it also gives you new ways to synchronize drums and edit vocals (all of which we demonstrate)
  • The upgrades to Vari-Audio including new lower-zone-sync enhancements, more smart-controls and new ways to allow Vari-Bari-Audio and a MIDI reference track to work tougher
  • We also make a quick flyby of the new presets, sound-sets, and VST upgrades (including the all new VST Plug in: “Distroyer”)

We return to the basic mission of this series, helping you take Cubase to the next level by exploring functions and features in new ways and in greater detail.

This includes:

  • The ins-and-outs of professional-level file handling, back up and project organization
  • An in-depth look at different hidden features in the audio editing arena including a way to recover professional results from a plosive-ridden live recording
  • New way to think about an manage time, but exploring audio and MIDI quantize features, time stretching, audio warping and the tempo track
  • We’ll look at everything Vari Audio has to offer, from simple pitch corrections to creating harmony voices, sheet music and special effects.
  • Want to integrate your vintage gear? We’ve dedicated one chapter to understanding (and walking through) how to set up external instruments and external effects. This makes integrating that DX7 or M1 as easy as using any of your VST presets!
  • We’ll take a close look at the varied and specific ways to control groups of signals, including VSAs, Group tracks, link groups and folder tracks. What should you use and when? We lay it all out.
  • And so much more: Media Bay and her hidden abilities, the Sampler Track , hidden capabilities in your favorite VSTs, workflow aids, plug-in management on a new level and a deep dive on the rack, automation and mixdown. Complete, Cubase 10.


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Walter Hunnicutt

Walter has played piano since childhood, studying jazz and composition in college. He began recording professionally in 1986 and has worked on numerous albums and CDs over the years as well as creating and producing music for film and television. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin.

He and his wife Donna Hanson are partners in Combined Minds Media, LLC located in the central United States and specialize in the production of training courses for the music and aerospace industries.

SWA Complete Cubase Pro 10 offers you everything you need to take Cubase Pro 10 to the next level.
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