SWA Masterclass PhotoScore Ultimate


PhotoScore Ultimate is an extremely versatile application for composers, arrangers, students, educators and anyone involved in music preparation and copywork.

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Using a technology known as Optical Music Recognition (OMR), this application allows the user to import sheet music via scanning the printed pages or importing of PDFs which can then be turned into MusicXML or MIDI files. These files can be opened in music notation applications such as Sibelius, Finale and Dorico or into sequencers and digital audio work stations like Protools, Logic, Cubase and others. This course covers the workflow and all of the features for import, cleanup and export of these files. You’ll see that learning a few simple steps can save hours of time compared to recopying sheet music for scratch.

PhotoScore Ultimate Masterclass is divided into nine chapters

Chapter one is an overview and tour of features

Chapter two we will go through import via scanning and PDF, including tips on how to scan with your iOS device.

Chapter three gets into the details of reading the score

Chapter four is an overview of the tools for correction and clean up

Chapters five and six are an in-depth demonstration of the correction and clean up tools

Chapter seven we will look at the playback features

Chapter eight covers file export directly to Sibelius or as a MusicXML file to be opened in other music notation applications, MIDI file export and printing as PDFs or to a printer directly from PhotoScore

Chapter nine covers the six key things to check for clean, efficient export of files