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Get the most out of Steinberg’s new and incredibly powerful drum synthesizer Backbone with Streamworks Audio’s SWA Kickstarter Backbone video tutorial.

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Get the most from Steinberg’s Backbone with SWA Kickstarter Backbone video tutorial

Chapter one covers the elemental operations of Backbone and its role in:

  • Creating custom kits
  • Breaking the Preset Paralysis
  • Applying new tools to familiar sounds
  • Avoid common errors and pitfalls.

In chapter two we will go further into Backbone and how to use this workstation within a workstation. Specifically,
we focus on the brand-new Re-synthesis function and the state-of-the-art Decompose function.

In chapter three we will take a look at support resources, automation, MIDI controller function as well as how to
use Backbone as a virtual instrument in its own right and two cool out-side-the-box applications.


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