SWA Complete Wavelab Pro 9

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With great power comes great complexity.  To get the most out of a complex, top of the line system requires robust, top of the line training.  That’s exactly what Streamworks Audio is proud to present with Complete Wavelab 9.

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Wavelab is for all intents and purposes more like five advanced programs flying in tight formation. While it’s best known for audio editing, montage, and mastering; it also includes some of the finest audio analysis and restoration tools, a full podcasting production suite and some of the most capable scripting and batch processing tools available. All in one software package. And version nine captures all of this with a new look and feel that’s the most streamlined and straightforward yet.

SWA Complete Wavelab 9 brings you more than four hours of world class Wavelab tutorial focused on helping you get the most out of Wavelab.

Chapters 1 – 4 will take you from initial set up and connection, through a complete tour of Wavelab’s capabilities and control. We’ll demonstrate the subtle but important ways that Wavelab’s user interface differs from most DAW and music production software, and how to make sense of the new tab groups, file groups, naming conventions and file handling. Even if you’ve never touched Wavelab before, but the end of this section you’ll be up and running

Would you believe that you can surgically remove the accidental coughing of an audience member from an acoustic recording? Or add reverb to just the snare drum in a fully mixed master track? Or remove a police siren from an otherwise perfect interview? You can, with Wavelab 9.

Chapters 5 – 10 look in depth at the real-world capabilities and techniques for waveform editing, spectrum editing, audio analysis, advanced signal processing, montage creation, mastering and how to use all of the metering tools in Wavelab.

Finally, in chapters 11 – 15 we’ll conduct a step by step demonstration of how to restore and remaster an old recording, create a basic audio CD of those restored files, create a fully professional Red-Book compliant CD master, create a professional podcast and how to use the new Wavelab Exchange to connect Wavelab and Cubase into a seamless and powerful one-two punch for music editing and mastering.

SWA Complete Wavelab 9 tutorial: learn how by knowing why.

7 reviews for SWA Complete Wavelab Pro 9

  1. misohoza84 (verified owner)

    Very good rundown on what this software is capable of. With practical examples and tips.
    I was hoping to learn a bit more about scripting, which was only briefly mentioned.
    But apart from that, yes well worth the money.

  2. Roger (verified owner)

    Havnt had time to view all the tutorial yet, but so far it is very informative and incredibly helpful. A must have tutorial for this application

  3. trans-am (verified owner)

    I think this is a must have tutorial, it’s very easy to follow. I hope there more to come

  4. Jean-Philippe (verified owner)

    It’s the perfect tutorial to start with wavelab 9. The guy who present it is very professionnal. It should come with any Wavelab 9 version if you never opened up that application. It focus on the different part of application. Perfect!

  5. Kim (verified owner)

    Being a mastering engineer I use Wavelab 9 professionally. This is the only tutorial out there about Wavelab 9 that covers everything. This is a great in depth course that I find coming frequently back to. Great job!

  6. Jim (verified owner)

    Excellent series of tutorial videos, very informative and well delivered. This tutorial covers all areas of Wavelab 9 and is ideal for the complete novice and also for those who have an understanding of Wavelab 9 but want to learn more of the details.

  7. Jon Vidar (verified owner)

    The collection of wavelab insights is absolutely brilliant. Opened up a lot of doors for me. Worth the cost!

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