SWA Complete Cubase Pro 10

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SWA Complete Cubase Pro 10 offers you everything you need to take Cubase Pro 10 to the next level.


Coverage of the new features provides an in-depth exploration of the major enhancements introduced in Cubase Pro version 10.

We explore, explain, and demonstrate: The new MEDIA tab, it new look-and-feel, new functionality, and enhanced drag-and-drop capabilities. The new “Add Track” system, the workflow enhancements it provides, and some tricks to integrate the new system with your current workflow. The upgrades to the Channel Settings Editor, including more sophisticated strip organization tools, upgraded visual interface tools, and all new detail-view options. The all-new “snap-shots” functionality added to the MixConsole. We’ll look at basic operations, detailed snap-shot management options, and workarounds for some automation issues that can arise with inserts. The all-new Audio Alignment functionality ported over from Nuendo. This new feature not only allows the Cubase user to enjoy professional-grade ADR tools for game-audio or video production, but it also gives you new ways to synchronize drums and edit vocals (all of which we demonstrate) The upgrades to Vari-Audio including new lower-zone-sync enhancements, more smart-controls and new ways to allow Vari-Bari-Audio and a MIDI reference track to work tougher We also make a quick flyby of the new presets, sound-sets, and VST upgrades (including the all-new VST Plugin: “Distroyer”)

We return to the basic mission of this series, helping you take Cubase to the next level by exploring functions and features in new ways and greater detail.

This includes:

  • The ins-and-outs of professional-level file handling, back up and project organization
  • An in-depth look at different hidden features in the audio editing arena including a way to recover professional results from a plosive-ridden live recording
  • A new way to think about a managed time, but exploring audio and MIDI quantize features, time-stretching, audio warping and the tempo track
  • We’ll look at everything Vari Audio has to offer, from simple pitch corrections to creating harmony voices, sheet music, and special effects.
  • Want to integrate your vintage gear? We’ve dedicated one chapter to understanding (and walking through) how to set up external instruments and external effects. This makes integrating that DX7 or M1 as easy as using any of your VST presets!
  • We’ll take a close look at the varied and specific ways to control groups of signals, including VSAs, Group tracks, link groups, and folder tracks. What should you use and when? We lay it all out.
  • And so much more: Media Bay and her hidden abilities, the Sampler Track, hidden capabilities in your favorite VSTs, workflow aids, plug-in management on a new level, and a deep dive on the rack, automation, and mixdown.

8 reviews for SWA Complete Cubase Pro 10

  1. Bob (verified owner)

    I was 1st introduced to Walt Hunnicutt when I started my Cubase course through Berklee. Out of all the courses I previewed Walt’s was the only one I gained a lot of really great instructions and know how concerning Cubase and every since then I have stayed with him from Cubase 6 all the way up to Cubase 10. I have always felt the time and money spent was more than “well worth it!” You can never go wrong with his courses and I am highly recommending every course streamworks puts out! Now I’m just waiting for the master class for 10 to come out. Great Job!

  2. bengan.froberg (verified owner)

    I am a former musician from the classical field nowadays wanting to know more about the software I bought for pleasure use and hobby purposes. I find mr Hunnicutt’s teaching calm, instructive and comprehensive and I jumped onto the offer of buying his Masterclass edition too which I haven’t regretted. It’s a pleasure following the topics, and the big advantage is that you can go back and see the relevant parts again during your own experimenting.
    I was looking for a course back home, but buying both the Complete and Masterclass has been a very viable economic alternative to maybe travel, stay at a hotel and paying for a weekend course somewhere. Highly recommended!

  3. bart.heremans2 (verified owner)

    Hi, I’am still processing it. But it looks OK so far. But I’am also waiting for the Kickstarter tutorials to come online.

  4. jmowery_17036 (verified owner)

    This is a great Cubase course and by far the best one I’ve seen! If your debating if you want to purchase this course do yourself a favor buy it and start learning!

  5. Stephen (verified owner)

    I love Walter Hunnicut! Unlike other tutorialists, he doesn’t put me to sleep. These videos give you a very good balance of “Hey, here’s what you can now do with Cubase” and “Hey check this out I’m going to execute a task using this feature”. Not too much of one or the other. Just right. Thanks for this product SWA. Great watching!

  6. chisarickd (verified owner)

    Good balance of top-down (here’s a thing you can do), bottom-up (here’s the details you need to understand to use the system effectively) in a relatively short time investment. Works best if you mentally frame the problems you want to solve before watching. I love the fact that this is not over-produced and feels more like a conversation.

  7. GerryForster (verified owner)

    An excellent tutorial – The best I’ve seen. Walt explains everything in a balanced, understandable and detailed manner and puts you in touch with elements of Cubase I, for one, hadn’t previously got to grips with. This is a ‘companion’ tutorial which you can refer to time and again. Having said that a single run-through has filled many of the gaps in my previous understanding of Cubase.

    Well done Walt and SWA. A ‘must have’ in my opinion.

  8. Charpat (verified owner)

    A perfect format with getting Cubase 10 to work for you.

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