SWA Masterclass Photoscore Ultimate
9 Videos 2:01:48
Neutron's Photoscore Notation Software is a powerful tool for music transcription. With advanced optical recognition technology, it can scan and convert printed sheet music into digital notation. This tutorial covers the basics of Photoscore's interface, how to scan and edit sheet music, and tips for accurate transcription. Whether you're a musician, composer, or arranger, Photoscore can save you time and enhance your workflow.
Course Overview

SWA Masterclass Photoscore by John Hinchey is a comprehensive video course that covers the entire workflow and all features of Neuratron’s Photoscore software. You’ll learn how to import sheet music by scanning printed pages or importing PDFs and turn them into MusicXML or MIDI files. The course also includes detailed instructions for cleaning up and exporting files, enabling you to streamline your music notation process and save hours of time. By mastering these simple steps, you’ll be able to easily convert sheet music into digital notation, making it easier to edit, share, and archive your musical creations.

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