SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro
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Want to become a Cubase Master? SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro is the most comprehensive collection of over 16 hours of in-depth video tutorials covering some of the more advanced features found in the last couple of releases of Steinberg's flagship product Cubase Pro, allowing you to take your Cubase Pro experience to the next level.
Course Overview

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 1

Volume one explores every aspect of manipulating time and timing in Cubase Pro.  Whether you’re looking to use the numerous time-manipulation tools in Cubase Pro for corrective or creative purposes; Walt Hunnicutt will walk you through all the academic fundamentals as well as real-world demonstrations and applications.

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 2

Volume two of Masterclass covers some of the most powerful (but also most overlooked) features in Cubase; the chord tools. These include chord tracks, chord pads, chord editor and assistant as well as the integration of chord tools into various VST instruments and Score.

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 3

Volume three covers how to integrate various remote control devices into your workflow.  We’ll explore hardware controller, iPad and iPhone apps (like Cubase icPRO) the tried and true Apple Remote and the dreaded Generic Remote!   We also spend some time exploring alternative methods of control within Cubase Pro such as Quick Controls and Key Switches.

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 4

This episode of Masterclass explores the Logical Editors which allow you to set up powerful, conditional editing tools which can greatly speed up complex or repetitive edits.  We’ll look at the concept of operations, review the necessary vocabulary, look at the library of tasks outlined in the operations manual and then walk through setting up two fairly straight-forward but powerful editing tools.

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 5

This episode of Cubase Masterclass is the first of a two part series to help you get the most out of your external equipment. Whether you’re using a classic like the D50 or DX7 or sporting the latest flagship workstation; being able to seamlessly integrate this equipment into Cubase is essential.

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 6

In this episode of Masterclass we look at how to construct a custom User Panel for the External Instrument we created in the last episode. A user panel allows you to design and create a custom set of on-screen controls for editing and automating your external MIDI hardware! You can select and enable just a few key parameters or with a little patience and practice you can easily create a virtual editor for your entire synth. You can even incorporate custom panel art via imported bit maps to add a personal touch to your virtual synth.

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 7

The Groove Agent 4 Masterclass takes an in depth look at Steinberg’s Groove Agent drum and rhythm composer. Groove agent is very powerful and very complex and as a result many of its best features are a little tricky to find and figure out. In this course we focus on demonstrating features and solving problems that come up on consistently the various user forums and technical support boards.

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 8

While this is a (relatively) new feature to most modern DAWs, the wild world of the side-chain actually one of the first audio engineering tricks ever developed.  With its origins in the live radio broadcasts of the 30’s and 40’s, side-chaining has become an integral part of modern EDM and a handy ‘swiss-army knife’ in the studio.

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 9

Review the terminology associated with dynamics processors and review the included dynamics suite in Cubase. Breakthrough the vocabulary barrier and explain the “big four” controls (threshold, attack, ratio, and release) found on all dynamics processor in simplest terms. With this foundation in place, learning how to and when to use these processors (both correctively and creatively) is quick, easy and fun.

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 10

This episode of SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro explores one of the most powerful yet often overlooked capabilities of Cubase; the ability to generate world-class sheet music. The output from Score is on par with standalone engraving suites like Sibelius or Finale. But like any powerful and sophisticated process, there is a learning curve and that’s where Master Class comes in!

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 11

In this video, we look at the world of surround sound! Cubase has a native set of surround sound tools that outstrip the competition. We’ll discuss the unique vocabulary used in the world of surround sound and then get into details. We’ll focus on the bus-driven nature of surround workflow in Cubase, the all-powerful VST Multi Panner, how to handle channel counts from one up to 128 (Dolby Atmos) and even take a sneak peek at our forthcoming class on 3D / VR Spatial Audio.

SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro – Vol. 12

The Control Room is a feature unique to Cubase Pro and allows you to configure Cubase for a traditional, multi-room facility. With up to four separate studios (plus the Control Room), this functionality allows you to record an entire ensemble at once, with acoustic isolation, separate headphone mixes and a complete set of control room monitoring features such as listen, dim and talk-back.

  • dangenoir
    2 years ago

    SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro Review

    Amazing Masterclass, with the amazing Walter Hunnicutt !

  • bareitan
    5 years ago

    SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro Review

    Great tutorials!
    I have been using and teaching Cubase since 1994. I have read all of the manuals and regularly update the program.
    Even with all of this experience, I found many interesting and helpful ideas in these tutorials.
    The teaching methodology is great, it is easy to understand, and it builds step-by-step.
    I recommend these tutorials to anyone who wants to improve his/her Cubase skills.

  • GerryForster
    5 years ago

    SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro Review

    Absolutely amazing series of tutorials for Cubase Pro users.

    The true value in this Masterclass is that Walt not only explains and demonstrates a multitude of scenarios using standard Cubase in-built functionality in intense detail - but he also leads you into areas of Cubase that you just wouldn't find on your own.

    I have previously purchased a multitude of tutorials in my quest to expand my enjoyment and output from Cubase. Having gone through the brilliant library of SWA Masterclass tutorials (I will be going back over them again and again) I can honestly say that, with the knowledge I have gained from SWA, I am not only enjoying Cubase more but my final end results are far more professional.

    A "must have" in my opinion. Thank you SWA.

  • Sascha
    6 years ago

    SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro Review

    Really great information in this classes! Recommend it for everybody who really need to get deeper into things. Great job guys

  • James
    7 years ago

    SWA Masterclass Cubase Pro Review

    Just thought I'd drop by and make a very important comment. I wasn't going to get this series because I have Cubase Pro 9, and this is about 8.5 and I was afraid that everything would be in a different place or not be relevant any more. I was wrong about that. There is nothing in this entire class that is not directly relevant to Cubase Pro 9, and everything discussed is accessed in exactly the same way in both versions. So don't be like me and avoid this because you have a newer version!

    Personally, I found the entire section on Chords to be incredibly valuable and relevant to how I go about doing things. The Chord Pad will help me design chord structures and the Chord Track will help me know what chord I'm on at any given moment on a particular track. The rest is also important, but I'm sure each person will key in on different areas. Regardless, watch it all as you get a better sense as to how Cubase works under the hood and will make what you actually use more approachable. Great series!