SWA Kickstarter Cubase 10
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Cubase Kickstarter rounds out the Streamworks Audio family of tutorials by providing a straightforward step by step guide to the Cubase environment.
Course Overview

Welcome to the SWA Kickstarter Cubase video tutorial, designed to help new users of Steinberg’s Cubase get up and running quickly and efficiently. In this tutorial, we’ll take you through the basics of the Cubase environment, including the interface, tools, and menus.

We’ll begin by introducing you to the Cubase interface and how to navigate it. We’ll show you how to customize the layout of the Cubase window to suit your needs, including how to add and remove toolbars, adjust the size of the mixer, and more.

Next, we’ll cover the different tools available in Cubase and how to use them effectively. We’ll explain how to select, move, and resize audio and MIDI events, as well as how to use the different editing tools to cut, copy, and paste sections of your project.

Moving on, we’ll show you how to create and edit MIDI and audio tracks, including how to record and overdub your own performances. We’ll also explain how to import and export audio and MIDI files, including how to use Cubase’s advanced audio processing tools.

We’ll then cover Cubase’s powerful mixer and how to use it to mix and master your tracks. We’ll show you how to adjust levels, pan, and add effects to your tracks, as well as how to use automation to add movement and dynamics to your mix.

Finally, we’ll introduce you to some of Cubase’s more advanced features, including how to use VST instruments and effects, create loops, and use the Chord Track function to create complex harmonies and chord progressions.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a solid foundation in the basics of Cubase and feel confident using the software to create your own music. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, this tutorial is the perfect starting point for getting the most out of Steinberg’s powerful music production software.

  • dmslabbert
    3 years ago

    SWA Kickstarter Cubase 10 Review

    Covid 19 forced me to make numerous recordings for our church last year and Walt became like an old friend over that time. I have once again finished watching this tutorial and it is amazing how many things I missed on my first watch. These tutorials are of great practical value. Your efforts are much appreciated.
    P.S. I love the bit where Walt points to the screen and then realizes that we cannot see what he is pointing at. It's little things like that that make these videos real.

  • Jewel
    4 years ago

    SWA Kickstarter Cubase 10 Review

    Same as previous reviewers, I'd worked pretty intensively over the past year with Cubase, but knew I had a few ignorance holes that needed filling. Little did I know how many holes I had! Just finding that Cubase offered different manuals for different aspects of Cubase was worth the price alone. Walt is an outstanding instructor: extremely well organized, knows the clearest way to present things, and also knows just how far to go. The format worked great--the demo followed by an explanation. I was a bit skeptical of that at first, and it was absolutely perfect. Each vid, too, is the perfect length.
    I wish all my college professors had been like Walt. NOW, you guys, go back and do this same thing for HALion--we need a good Kickstarter for it, and a good SWA Complete. ((EG: HALion's filing system drives me nuts!)) Thanks much. Jewel Dirks

  • Stephen
    4 years ago

    SWA Kickstarter Cubase 10 Review

    Great video as always from the great "voice of Steinberg" Walter Hunnicutt. Every single Streamworks Audio tutorial series made for Cubase has always covered a few things that I might have overlooked, or thought I didn't care about, and inspires me to check those features out in more detail. These tutorials are worth every penny. Thanks SWA!!!

  • Craig William Dayton
    4 years ago

    SWA Kickstarter Cubase 10 Review

    I have been working with Cubase for over a decade. (Yep, over a decade.) But, there are many "holes" in my understanding of the BASICS of Cubase, and I have been hoping for a Streamworks "beginner" (aka, Kickstarter) tutorial for some time now. I am very pleased that the tutorial is available. I purchased it and have been working with it. The Kickstarter is exactly what I was hoping for, and I am learning a great deal. Yes, there are the regular tutorials and the master classes, which are great. But, sometimes a person just needs to get some of the basics clear in their head in order to move forward. My sincere thanks to the team at Streamworks for making this happen. You have no idea how important this tutorial is to me.