SWA Complete iZotope RX 8
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In this video tutorial, Walter Hunnicutt covers iZotope's RX 8, a powerful audio restoration software used by music producers, podcasters, and film editors. Hunnicutt provides an in-depth overview of the software's features and demonstrates how to effectively use them to clean up unwanted noise, remove hums and clicks, and fix distorted audio. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, this tutorial is a great resource to help you enhance the quality of your audio projects.
Course Overview

The SWA Complete RX 8 video tutorial by Walter Hunnicutt is a comprehensive guide to using iZotope’s RX 8 audio restoration software. The tutorial is divided into six chapters that cover a wide range of topics. In Chapter One, Hunnicutt provides an overview of the graphical user interface, basic workflow, and families of tool-sets available in RX8. He also discusses the role of machine learning in the software’s functionality and offers handy shortcuts to navigating the most important menus and functions.

Chapter Two delves into each of the menu-sets and tool sets available in RX8, as well as key manual contents and the use of the online help utility to ensure users know what resources are available and how to access them quickly.

Chapter Three offers an in-depth exploration of the theory behind spectral editing, including how Fast Fourier transform algorithms work their magic inside of RX8. Hunnicutt also explains FFT selection and windowing options such as HANN, Hamming, and Rectangular to help users avoid common errors and get the most out of the host of automated tools.

Chapter Four focuses on using spectral editing for audio repair and the balance between automatic editing and manual editing. Hunnicutt offers tips on how to best combine the two techniques.

Chapter Five explores the restoration capabilities of RX8’s spectral editing engine with numerous demonstrations and live comparisons of automated functions, manual processes, and ways to use the tools beyond their stated application.

Finally, Chapter Six looks at three of the most remarkable capabilities of RX8: the ability to remove clipped audio and rebuild the waveform using machine learning and interpolation capabilities, the ability to surgically remove reverb from a mixed signal, and the ability to musically rebalance and even separate individual instruments out of a fully mixed piece of music.

Overall, the SWA Complete RX 8 tutorial is an excellent resource for anyone looking to master iZotope’s powerful audio restoration software.

  • Derrick
    2 years ago

    SWA Complete iZotope RX 8 Review

    Another superb tutorial from Walt - Always the Best for those of us that struggle with terminology and the learning curve required for new technology. Anyone of mature age like myself appreciate being able to recap certain items as it takes a while for things to settle in and be retained by the brain. Think mine needs a defrag - Hope Walt looks at Spectral Layers 8 sooner rather than later.

  • Jewel
    3 years ago

    SWA Complete iZotope RX 8 Review

    Walt, once again your teaching technique is superb. For a spoon-fed "to get this result, click this button" tutorial, I go to one of your competitors; BUT to get a thorough understanding of the concepts behind machinery, I find that your explanations are THE BEST. For example, the FFT explanation and the accompanying handouts made "magic" suddenly become comprehensible. Your BREVITY and CLARITy of explaining these things makes these quick tutorials so valuable. I've been using RX8 Advanced for some time (from my robot learning), but suddenly with my deeper understanding, I now know what to apply first, and what to look for--and even better, how to GET TO the point where I can SEE what I am hearing so I can work with it. I appreciate your overviews at the beginning of each vid, the attachments and application files, and your humor. Perfect length, perfect depth, very clear. Hm! It's like someone did an RX8 application to a teaching module and came out with the cleanest, best production ever...!