SWA Complete iZotope Ozone 10

SWA Complete iZotope Ozone 10 video tutorial covers all the features of this extensive software mastering package. Each processing module is covered in detail with an explanation of the interface as well as how it works along with many practical examples.

By Karl Rose

20 Videos 2:39:40
Course Overview

Karl sets the scene with an introduction to the basics as well as the new groundbreaking tone and dynamics matching feature, Master Assistant in the opening chapter.  The following chapters provide in-depth instructors on how to get the most from all other processors, including the multi-band processors.

Chapter List

An explanation and overview of the basics including the Master Assistant

EQ Overview
The EQ overview, views & nodes

EQ Filters
EQ filter types and how to use them

Dynamics Explained
Dynamics module, Compress the peaks, expand the lows

Multiprocessing Modes
Multi-band Processing & Processing modes, (Stereo, Mid-side, Left-right) explained

The Stabilizer, an adaptive EQ

The impact module, micro dynamic control

The Imager, stereo width & image

Dynamics EQ
Dynamic EQ, fine tune with intelligent EQ

Maximizer, loud but under control with saturation if you wish

Audio Tools
Audio Tools (Low end focus, Spectral Shaper, and Master rebalance)

Match EQ
Match EQ, make it sound like your favorite tracks

Exciter, add sparkle and er…excitement

Vintage Compressor
Vintage Compression, control those dynamics and add a little color

Vintage EQ
Vintage EQ, Classic EQ emulation

Vintage Limiter
Vintage Limiter, color your limiting with a classic emulation

Vintage Tape
Vintage Tape, Saturation any color you like

Referencing other tracks, compare and adjust to your favorite tracks

Presets and their management, as well as history and A/B the changes.

Codec Preview, Dither,  and Settings
Dither & Settings, getting the track finished and adjusting your preferences

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