SWA Complete iZotope Ozone 10
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In this tutorial, we will explore iZotope's Ozone Advanced 10 plugin - an all-in-one mastering suite for audio engineers and producers. Learn how to utilize its powerful tools, including EQ, dynamic processing, and spectral shaping, to achieve professional-level audio mastering results. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this tutorial will help you take your audio productions to the next level.
Course Overview

The SWA Complete Ozone 10 video tutorial by Karl Rose is an in-depth guide that covers all the essential features and modules of the Ozone 10 mastering plugin. The tutorial is designed to help audio engineers, music producers, and mastering engineers learn how to use Ozone 10 to enhance the sound of their audio recordings.

The tutorial begins with an introduction to the basics of Ozone 10, including an overview of the Master Assistant. This section provides a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Ozone 10 and how it works.

The EQ Overview section explains the EQ nodes and views in Ozone 10, and how they can be used to adjust the frequency response of audio recordings. The tutorial covers EQ filters and their types, such as low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, and shelving filters.

In the Dynamics Explained section, the tutorial covers the Dynamics module, which includes compressing the peaks and expanding the lows. The tutorial also covers Multi-processing modes, including stereo, mid-side, and left-right processing modes.

The Stabilizer module is explained in detail, which is an adaptive EQ that can adjust the frequency response of audio recordings. The Impact module is covered, which offers micro-dynamic control over the audio signal.

The Imager module is covered, which includes stereo width and image adjustments. The tutorial also covers the Dynamic EQ, which offers fine-tuning with intelligent EQ. The Maximizer module is explained in detail, which allows for loudness control while maintaining control over saturation.

The Audio Tools section covers Low end focus, Spectral Shaper, and Master rebalance. These tools can be used to enhance the low-frequency content, shape the spectral response of audio recordings, and rebalance the mix.

Match EQ is covered in detail, which allows users to match the frequency response of their audio recordings with their favorite tracks. The Exciter module is also covered, which adds sparkle and excitement to audio recordings.

The tutorial also covers vintage modules, including Vintage Compression, Vintage EQ, Vintage Limiter, and Vintage Tape. These modules offer classic emulation and control over the dynamics and saturation of audio recordings.

In the Referencing section, users can learn how to compare their audio recordings to their favorite tracks and adjust accordingly. The Presets section covers preset management, history, and A/B comparison.

Finally, the tutorial covers Codec Preview, Dither, and Settings, which offers settings for finishing the track and adjusting preferences.

The SWA Complete Ozone 10 video tutorial by Karl Rose is an extensive guide for mastering audio recordings with Ozone 10, providing a thorough understanding of its features and modules.

  • bareitan
    10 months ago

    Great Course!

    Thank you, Streamworks Audio.
    I enjoyed the video tutorials. They are well-organized and easy to follow and understand. 
    Dr. Avi Bar Eitan