Cubase Pro 12 New Features

Cubase 12 New Features video tutorial covers the major creative improvements offered in version 12. Largely borrowed from other Steinberg products such as Nuendo and Wavelab, Cubase 12 brings a handful of truly new capabilities. Cubase Pro 12 also introduces several VST plugins including new effects and instruments that focus on ease of use to keep the creative process going.

By Walter Hunnicutt

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In chapter one we start off looking at a compatibility issue with the new Apple M1 chipset and an easy fix for the issue.

In chapter two we will take a look at the Cubase Pro New Features course outline.

Chapter three explores the use case for a second video track, which is a feature that has being directly ported from Nuendo, for score editing.

Chapter four explores the new Verve hybrid piano instrument with its sophisticated samples and blended structure.

Chapter five focuses on the Raiser Dynamics plug-in and how to allow maximum loudness (a philosophical departure for Steinberg)

Chapter six looks at the new FX Modulator plugin

Chapter seven unpacks the new metering options for the Supervision tool set, bringing it closer to the Wavelab workflow than ever.

Chapter eight demonstrates how to create MIDI chords from Chord Track events and also how to start with an audio event and end up with MIDI chords from it.

Chapter nine walks through some enhancements to the Project Logical Editor, and while strictly speaking, not a new feature; the Project Logical Editor remains one of the most powerful aspects of Cubase and it’s easier to use than ever.

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