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SWA Complete Ozone 7


In this Ozone 7 Video Tutorial Karl Rose explains the Ozone 7 mastering Suite. He starts with a quick overview of the interface and system and then delves into each module in depth. Each control is explained. What it is, what it does, and how to use it.

This video has been discontinued.

In the EQ module, he looks at how to use the Alt-Solo feature, the different spectrum views, and the modes that it operates in – Mid-Side, Left & Right as well as Stereo. See how to adjust the parameters using the nodes, band view controls or those in the all band view. He looks at the differences between Analog and digital filter modes, explains the differences between the filter types and their different modes, and how they affect the overall EQ curve. In digital mode, he looks at surgical mode and explains the phase control.

All of the Vintage processors, the EQ, Compressor, Tape Saturator, and Limiter are fully explained as well as the Imager and Exciter.

In the Dynamics module, he looks at how to use multi bands and set up crossover points before moving on to the detection modes and setting up the detection filter. See how each of the controls interacts with the others to produce compression, expansion, and limiting. The Dynamic EQ is explained, what it is, how it might be used, with practical examples of how to set it up and use it.

See how the maximizer works to bring mix levels up before looking at the standalone unit, how that works, including dithering and exporting a mix.

Karl Rose

The recording bug bit hard and his project studio has evolved from six track ‘portastudios’ in the 80s through to software in the modern era.  Cakewalk’s Guitar Tracks Pro led to Sonar 2 and he has been using that through the version changes ever since.

He still keeps busy with live projects but recording is his first love and can always be found in his studio either composing and recording his own material or recording local bands and artists.  Involvement on the Cakewalk Forums and self produced tuition videos to help out fellow Sonar users led him to being asked by SWA if he’d like to author SWA Complete Sonar X2 videos with.


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