SWA Complete Flux Evo Channel

By Jerry Mateo


A self-contained analogue channel strip emulation plugin, Flux Evo Channel houses a series of powerful tools for saturation, compression, EQ, de-essing, transient shaping and more. In this course, we’ll show you how to use each and every one of them.

6 videos | 1 hours, 25 minutes

The most complete Flux Evo Channel Video Tutorial

After an introduction and general overview focusing on the controls around EVO Channel’s center section, we kick off the our in depth Flux Evo Channel video tutorial with a guide to the EQ and Compressor sections, including some showcase usage scenarios. Then it’s on to the Final Touch section, and the endless possibilities of its seven signal-shaping modules.

In the last two chapters, tutor Jerry Mateo fires up a complete song project in Presonus’ Studio One and puts everything we’ve learned so far to use on its multitrack drum recording, before mixing the remaining elements using nothing but EVO Channel.

  1. Introduction – A brief introduction explaining what to expect in this video series.
  2. General overview – Take a deep look at the User Interface. With heavy focus on the controls around the center section of the Evo channel.
  3. The eq and compressor – This chapter focuses on the controls inside of the eq and compressor sections as well as showcasing some uses for them .
  4. Touch control – This chapter will focus on all the possibilities inside of the touch control section inside the Evo channel.
  5. Evo Channel on drums – Taking everything learned from the past chapter Jerry will go over how to use the Evo channel when mixing a multitrack drum recording.
  6. Mixing guitar bass and keys – in this final chapter Jerry will finish a mix on the rest of the elements inside of this song utilizing only the Evo channel.


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Jerry Mateo

Jerry Mateo is an recording and mixing engineer, software educator, live sound engineer, and a video content creator for many software companies. Born and raised in Los Angeles area, Jerry has played many styles of music in various bands for years, ranging from his classically trained roots all the way to hard hitting metal. He is currently recording and teaching many upcoming local acts how to record and write music that will translate the message they are trying to express.