SWA Complete Cubase Pro 9.5 (Upgrade)

By Walter Hunnicutt


  • 5 videos
  • 72 min
  • 1080p

The Cubase 9.5 New Features Update takes an in-depth look at six of the new features introduced in version 9.5.

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We start with an overview of all the enhancements in this last release. We cover the new wave table synth “Flux” from start to finish. We begin with reviewing the fundamentals of synthesis, what differentiates wave table synthesis and then explore the functions and features of Flux.

We explore the new ability of the Sampler Track to accept MIDI parts as a source. This comes with a few limitations and we look at each of those as well as the associated work-arounds. We also demonstrate some creative ways to use the new automation curves to coax some unconventional results out of the sampler track.

We shift gears and look at an all new way to deal with signal processing in the chapter on Direct Off-Line Processing. A familiar tool to the audio post-production and film world, version 9.5 brings this highly efficient way of working to Cubase. We show how and why to use D.O.P along with its strengths and weaknesses.

Finally we explore the new metronome enhancements, demonstrate how to integrate those with some new functionality in the Signature Track and some quick-tricks to speed up working with both.

Walter Hunnicutt

Walter has played piano since childhood, studying jazz and composition in college. He began recording professionally in 1986 and has worked on numerous albums and CDs over the years as well as creating and producing music for film and television. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin.

He and his wife Donna Hanson are partners in Combined Minds Media, LLC located in the central United States and specialize in the production of training courses for the music and aerospace industries.

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If you’ve ever said “I know this can be done, but I don’t know how” then Complete Cubase 9 is for you.
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