SWA Complete Blue Cat Audio Axiom

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An introduction into the land of Blue Cat Audio’s Axiom guitar amp simulator software. Learn the primary and advanced elements of this incredible piece of kit to expand and take your tone to the next level.

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With our SWA Complete Blue Cat Audio Axiom video tutorial you will join our hosts Walter Hunnicutt and Carter Hunnicutt as they take you on a comprehensive tour of the prime features and functions of Blue Cat Audio’s incredible powerful guitar amp simulator Axiom.

In this tutorial we will start with a deep dive into the simple functions such as the input and output stages, the tuner, the various pedal boards and more before taking a deeper look at the more advanced features not found in other such guitar simulators such as Re-Guitar and advanced Tone Mapping.

Chapter One: Introduction
  • Course overview
  • Guest artist introductions
  • Working with automation in Axiom
Chapter Two: Meet Axiom
  • A brief overview of what this thing is
  • The signal flow (gain staging, metering, signal controls like meters and limiters)
  • Basic operations:  How to add, control and remove effect pedals
Chapter Three: Input Section
  • Definition and tour of how the input rack works.
  • Utility uses: pre-amp, feedback eliminator, and overload protection (limiters)
  • Using Axiom creatively
  • Signal-path considerations
  • Re-Guitar preview
Chapter Four: Pedal Board Section
  • Tour of presets used to in tutorial demos
  • Detailed look at pedal controls, skins, pedal editors and zoom controls
  • Pro-Tip, how to use this plugin as a sketch pad for laying out a real life pedal board
Chapter Five: Amp Model and cabinet Section
  • Basic use of the amp model controls
  • Comparison of model categories
  • Examples of model impacts on sound
  • Creating and saving user presets
  • Tone Mapping – a visual sound-field feature that woks from an outcome model backward to the required hardware VS the other way around
Chapter Six: Post Effects and Mastering Section
  • Purpose of post effects
  • Post effect module selection and philosophy
  • Stereo vs Mono output options
  • Brickwall limiter
Chapter Seven: Re-guitar
  • Concept of Re-Guitar
  • Conversion of acoustic to electric and vice versa
  • How to change a guitar body style, pickups and layout
  • Examples of Re-Guitar in action
Chapter Eight: Bass
  • A closer look at amps, cabinets and effects specifically targeted toward bass guitar
  • How to use bass effects for lead applications
  • How to use lead effects for bass applications
  • Musical examples of cabinet and amp selections



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  1. DIDIER (verified owner)

    Hi, i have buy your tutorial Axiom Blue Cat Audio and I am very very disappointed, a lot of talk and nothing that I do not already know.
    However, I bought you a lot of tutorials that I found very well to realize but no, sorry to tell you but the Blue Cat Audio Axiom tutorials is really useless.
    Hope to have a great business gesture for me, otherwise you will definitely lose a loyal customer.

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