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  • Blue Cat’s Axiom


    Blue Cat’s Axiom is a powerful and open multi effects processor and amp simulation software for guitar and bass. Based on the acclaimed Destructor plug-in for amp simulations, Axiom offers an infinite number of exceptional tones for your axe.

  • SWA Masterclass PhotoScore Ultimate


    PhotoScore Ultimate is an extremely versatile application for composers, arrangers, students, educators and anyone involved in music preparation and copywork. Using a technology known as Optical Music Recognition (OMR), this application allows the user to import sheet music via scanning the printed pages or importing of PDFs which can then be turned into MusicXML or MIDI files. These files can be opened in music notation applications such as Sibelius, Finale and Dorico or into sequencers and digital audio work stations like Protools, Logic, Cubase and others. This course covers the workflow and all of the features for import, cleanup and export of these files. You’ll see that learning a few simple steps can save hours of time compared to recopying sheet music for scratch.

  • SWA Complete iZotope RX 8


    Streamworks Audio’s complete iZotope RX8 video tutorial covers both basic and advanced applications of iZotope’s flagship audio editing and repair application. The program includes nearly two hours of tutorials, numerous downloadable job-aids, the demonstration project from the videos complete with audio content and the stems used to illustrate various uses of RX 8.

  • SWA Masterclass Sibelius Ultimate


    Sibelius | Ultimate is a powerful music notation software package with a deep set of features. In this masterclass, we’ll focus on features that will get you up and running for creating scores and parts for vocals, rhythm section, and horns.

  • Cubase Pro 11 New Features


    This Cubase Pro 11 New Features video tutorial summarizes the most innovative and useful features in version 11 of Steinberg’s flagship digital audio workstation.

  • SWA Complete Blue Cat Audio Axiom


    An introduction into the land of Blue Cat Audio’s Axiom guitar amp simulator software. Learn the primary and advanced elements of this incredible piece of kit to expand and take your tone to the next level.

  • SWA Kickstarter Backbone


    Get the most out of Steinberg’s new and incredibly powerful drum synthesizer Backbone with Streamworks Audio’s SWA Kickstarter Backbone video tutorial.

  • SWA Complete Cubase Pro 10.5


    The most complete Cubase 10.5 video tutorial provides training for the most powerful version of Steinberg’s professional DAW yet, Cubase Pro 10.5 adds a wealth of forward-thinking new features designed to speed up your workflow and help you make better music.

  • SWA Complete Wavelab Pro 10


    The most complete Wavelab Pro 10 video tutorial that provides you with a comprehensive overview of Wavelab Pro 10 and detailed examples of its most popular features to help you become an expert in Steinberg’s professional audio editor.