Creating your Monetization Account

Before you can monetize any content on your channel, you will first need to create your monetization account.  A monetization account is where your earnings will be sent after a sale of your content.   

Monetization services are powered by Stripe.  To create your account, click on ‘Monetization’ from the Creator Studio Dashboard.  If your country is supported select it from the dropdown menu and click ‘Get Started’.  This will redirect you to the onboarding page where you will be asked questions to verify your identity and set up your bank account information for where your earnings will be paid out to.

If you accidentally close or leave the onboarding process before completion, you can continue where you left off by visiting ‘Monetization’ from the Creator Studio Dashboard and clicking on ‘Continue Setup’.

Once your monetization setup is complete, you will be able to select the option to monetize your content.  You will also be able to create courses (as courses are monetized by default).