Creating Content

Once you have your channel enabled, the next step would be to upload content to your channel.

Select ‘Content’ in the Creator Studio Dashboard. Click on ‘Create Content’.

1. Video information

You will be presented with a form to enter information about the video.

  • Enter the video title.
  • Enter the video description.
  • Select the file from your computer that will be uploaded.
  • Select a thumbnail image from your computer.
2. Add content to course

If you are planning to add this content to a course that you have already created, select Add to Course, you will be presented with a drop-down menu of all your courses. Select the desired course that you wish to add this video to.

Please note, that adding a video to a course will override the content monetization with the course monetization settings.

3. Monetize Content

If you are not adding this video to a course and you have created your monetization account, you can select to monetize this content as well as set a price for access to it.

Click Create and let the file upload and begin processing. Once uploaded you’ll be taken to your content list page in the Creator Studio Dashboard.