Creator Studio Platform

Sell your tutorials on Streamworks Audio

Streamworks Audio is happy to announce the next chapter in the Streamworks Audio story, introducing our new Creator Studio Platform. With our new platform, we are opening Streamworks Audio to the talented video tutorial creators of the audio and music world to share and earn from their work. To become a Streamworks Audio Content Creator, simply sign up for a free account, if you do not already have one, create your channel, and start posting your content.

Monetize your content

Content Creators deserve to be rewarded for the content they produce. The Streamworks Audio Creator Studio platform provides uncomplicated monetization options for the creators to earn from the videos they share. To monetize your content, you only need to enable the monetization option when creating your content and enter the price you want to charge for viewers to access the video. Monetizing content is optional. You can even create content that can be viewed free of charge, perfect for providing content to promote your channel.

Transparent and straightforward pricing

Streamworks Audio’s platform fee is also straightforward, content creators will receive 70% of the revenue generated by their content and or courses. If you are a talented content creator specializing in audio and music production, our new Content Creator Studio is the perfect place to share and earn from your work.

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