SWA Kickstarter: Recording, Mixing, and Mastering in Studio One
3 Videos 2:27:57
Learn recording, mixing, and mastering in Presonus' Studio One DAW with instructor Johnny Geib. From tracking to final mixdown, this video tutorial course covers essential techniques and expert tips to enhance your music production skills. Perfect for beginners and experienced producers alike.
Course Overview

In our comprehensive video tutorial course, we delve into the world of recording, mixing, and mastering using Presonus’ Studio One Digital Audio Workstation. Our instructor and Studio One guru, Johnny Geib, will guide you through each step, providing expert insights and practical techniques to help you achieve professional-quality results.

Chapter 1: Tracking

In this chapter, you will learn the fundamental steps to start recording your music. Johnny will show you how to create a new song, activate the metronome, and set your desired tempo. You’ll then explore the process of creating audio tracks and instrument tracks, arming them for recording, and adjusting the recording levels. Johnny will guide you through these steps for each track you wish to record, ensuring a solid foundation for your project.

Chapter 2: Balancing and Preliminary Mixing

Once you have recorded your tracks, it’s time to balance the levels and create an initial mix. Johnny will demonstrate how to use the faders to adjust volumes and pans, allowing you to achieve the desired sonic balance in your project. You’ll also learn how to create folders to manage large groups of tracks effectively and add busses and FX channels to enhance your mixing capabilities. Additionally, Johnny will cover the application of EQ and compression where needed to refine the mix further. Through careful listening and adjustments, you’ll gain the skills necessary to finalize your mix.

Chapter 3: Mastering and Mixdown

The final chapter focuses on mastering and mixdown, where you’ll learn to bring your mix to its full potential. Johnny will guide you in selecting the right plugins for mastering and demonstrate how to apply effects to the main out or mix bus. You’ll explore the use of EQ and compression to polish the final mix, ensuring a professional and balanced sound. Moreover, you’ll learn to input metadata such as song and artist information. Finally, Johnny will teach you how to export the mixdown in formats like WAV or MP3, ready to be shared with the world.

Throughout the course, Johnny Geib’s expertise and clear instruction will empower you to make the most of Presonus’ Studio One. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the essentials of recording, mixing, and mastering, or an experienced producer seeking to refine your skills, this video tutorial course provides valuable insights and practical techniques to elevate your music production capabilities.

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