SWA Deep Dive: Cubase Pro Plugins
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In this video tutorial, Steinberg's UK Product Specialist Andrew Sappleton, popularly known as DJ Sappo, takes viewers on a deep dive into four of the most advanced plugins in Cubase Pro by Steinberg. DJ Sappo provides an in-depth look at Sampler Track, Frequency EQ 2, Quadrafuzz, and Groove Agent SE, showcasing their features and functionality in great detail.
Course Overview

Join renowned music producer DJ Sappo on an exciting deep dive into the advanced plugins of Steinberg’s Cubase Pro in this SWA tutorial.  DJ Sappo, also known as Andrew Sappleton, provides comprehensive insights into four of Cubase Pro’s most advanced plugins: Sampler Track, Frequency EQ 2, Quadrafuzz, and Groove Agent SE. He breaks down each plugin, providing step-by-step guidance on how to make the most of their features and functionalities.

The tutorial begins with an overview of Sampler Track, which allows users to create and manipulate samples with ease. DJ Sappo walks viewers through the various options available in Sampler Track, including slicing, stretching, and editing, as well as how to use the plugin for sound design and composition.

Next, the tutorial delves into Frequency EQ 2, a powerful equalizer plugin that offers precise control over audio frequencies. DJ Sappo demonstrates how to use Frequency EQ 2 to shape sound, remove unwanted frequencies, and enhance audio quality, and highlights the plugin’s advanced features, such as M/S processing and linear phase mode.

The chapter then moves on to Quadrafuzz, a distortion and saturation plugin that offers a range of tonal options. DJ Sappo showcases how to use Quadrafuzz to add warmth and character to tracks, and how to utilize the plugin’s various settings to create unique sounds.

Finally, the tutorial concludes with a detailed look at Groove Agent SE, a virtual drum machine that allows users to create realistic drum tracks. DJ Sappo demonstrates how to use the plugin to program beats and manipulate grooves, and how to integrate Groove Agent SE with other instruments in Cubase Pro.

Throughout the tutorial, DJ Sappo shares valuable production tips and techniques, drawing on his years of experience as a music producer and DJ. Whether you’re a seasoned Cubase Pro user or just starting out, this SWA Deep Dive tutorial with DJ Sappo is sure to provide you with new insights and techniques for using these advanced plugins to take your music production to the next level. Get ready to unleash the full potential of Cubase Pro with DJ Sappo as your expert guide!

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