Steinberg Student Starter Packs

The Student Starter Pack combines Steinberg’s Cubase LE music production software and the WaveLab LE audio and editing and mastering software.  Get your permanent license to both Cubase LE and Wavelab LE with select video tutorials

Cubase LE


Building on the same core technologies found in Steinberg’s Cubase advanced music production system, Cubase LE offers powerful yet easy-to-use software tools for audio recording, editing, MIDI sequencing and mixing. From singers and songwriters recording vocal lines to rock bands jamming in their rehearsal room, Cubase LE is tailored to record your music without additional bells and whistles.

Wavelab LE


Utilizing professional technologies from Steinberg’s WaveLab application, WaveLab LE provides an instantly accessible audio editing, mastering and podcast publishing toolbox tailored to the needs of musicians and small recording environments. WaveLab LE provides a sample-accurate 24-bit/96 kHz audio engine, a set of quality virtual effect processors as well as basic editing and mastering capabilities