Product Details:
Format: 720p (Digital Download - Compatible with Quicktime/iPad/iPod Touch (4th generation)/iPhone 4/Apple TV/iTunes)
Languages: English
Running Time: 40:25
Instructor: Nick Laux
Nick was recently bitten by the engineering side of audio production and has been hard at work in his home studio ever since
SWA Complete Melodyne Editor

SWA Complete Melodyne Editor provides in depth tutorial coverage on perhaps the most advanced pitch correction titles available today.

Join your instructor Nick Laux as he takes you on a journey into the heart of Melodyne Editor helping you get the most out this world class piece of software.

Along the way Nick will cover the Arrangement Window, the Editor Window, Menus, Tools, Working with single audio files...

Working with multiple audio files, Formant, Amplitude, Note separation...

Pitch correction, Timing correction...

Melody Manager, Mixer, plugin Bridge, Rewire...

and much more...

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